we have finally entered into the phase of the little man fighting sleep and screaming his head off. Of course, he doesn’t really scream his head off when I’m there because I just take out my boob and let him suck which soothes him. But tonight! Oh glorious night! I went to work and the fiancé (yes he is the dad but doesn’t get as much alone time with him) had to battle through two and a half hours of crying and screaming. I received probably 48 text messages of him freaking out not knowing what to do. Honestly, I felt bad for the little man, but I was enjoying the fact that the fiancé was finally struggling. He was always boasting how good he was at things and never had a problem. Well, today he met his match. And I loved every second of it! Is that mean? No, I don’t think so, I’m just happy that he for once was tired out by him. 

I mean seriously, having to watch a baby for a couple hours and when it’s night time and they sleep through most of the time is so easy. During the day, when you have to entertain them and talk and sing to them and they are attached to you always, that takes a lot out of you. And he finally got a dose of reality. It isn’t all fun and games. You get tired and hopefully he has a little more respect and knowledge as to why I am so damn tired at the end of the day! 

So, I am one happy momma. It might sound mean to some that I took so much pleasure from this, but I don’t really care. I felt terrible I couldn’t be there to soothe my nugget because I knew he was just missing me and overly tired but I’m glad that the fiancé went through a little hard rough patch. 

(Insert evil laugh)

He is sleeping in his crib because the fiancé couldn’t bare to put him in his bassinet and hear him cry more hah. So now I am waiting up for him to cry, I don’t care if it takes all night. Well maybe I will just set up a bed in his room and wait. For now I’m just reading and waiting.  I need to be near him. In not ready for him to sleep in another room!