I think I’m getting sick. I thought it was the rapid weather change we have been dealing with. One day it’s in the high 80s (Fahrenheit) and then the next day it’s in the 60s…. It rains for a day or two (and when I say rain, it is a light sprinkle) and then is so hot and sunny the next week it’s like the rain was a complete joke. So now you know the weather I’ve been dealing with, it’s almost impossible to not get sick. I thought it was the Santa Ana winds coming, but my throat is hurting, getting drier and drier and scratchier for that matter. My nose is running like a sink faucet and I just in general have no energy. My cough doesn’t sound alarming yet, at least to me it just sounds like a dry cough, but it hurts me to cough. I just want some chicken noodle soup and to curl up and be able to read my book or watch tv with no interruptions. Fat chance that will happen!