let me start from the beginning, I fed the nugget and fell asleep, fell in to a deep deep deep sleep. Usually I wake up around 2am in desperate need to pump, I might have woken up around then and just decided to not pump because I was so tired. Bad, terrible, horrific idea. It didn’t matter that I was already leaking, I just slept right on through. Then around 4am I woke up and was hurting, I willed myself to get up and go pump. Not before figuring out I had been leaking on to the bed…oops. 

I walk out to the living room to pump (because I don’t want to wake the nugget pumping and have him see the milk being sucked out of his momma! Oh the horror!) and get all set up. When the fiancé comes running out saying “babe! Where are you? He’s crying! He’s hungry!” Apparently I had totally zoned out and didn’t hear him start fussing and crying. So I told him to give me a minute while I “unplugged.” 

I grabbed the nugget and took him out to the living room when I called back in and said “don’t go on my side of the bed! I leaked everywhere!” 

To that I hear, “awwww man! All over my pillow!” 

Now I had to chuckle at that, I thought it was just on the bed, but apparently i was laying on his pillow too for extra softness! 

Oh the struggles of a breastfeeding women. Can’t wait till I don’t have to wake up in the middle of the night to pump or face the consequences of a wet bra, or worse wet pillow/bed!