i feel like a wannabe breastfeeding mom. And the reason why is because I had to use a nipple shield. I had a great delivery experience, except for one thing: the lactation nurse did not help much. I felt like they just gave up on me. They gave a nipple shield to me to be able to feed my nugget, which I mean, I would rather have had that then have them give him a bottle. So there’s that plus. But no one ever had enough time to really help. And then it was up to me to contact a lactation consultant, and let’s face it, being a new mom there are so many more things to do than to call a lactation consultant to come to you or worse yet you have to go to them so they can watch you try to nurse and critique you. I figured that since he was eating and getting plenty of milk (his doctor at each checkup was wowed by his weight gain) and the shield just made it so easy, I would continue using it. But then, today, I realized the shield had ripped, and so I was faced with either buying a new one or attempting to teach my nugget to latch on without a barrier. He wasn’t showing any hunger signs, he was quite happy and content, but I knew he would love to have a little snack, so I did the unthinkable. I whipped out my boob and tried to have him latch on. I figured he wouldn’t get frustrated as easily if he wasn’t super hungry, and I wouldn’t get frustrated because he wouldn’t be crying and screaming and making me freak out. So at first he wouldn’t open his mouth wide enough, so I tried opening his bottom lip some more and then squeezing my boob to make it easier for him to fit into his mouth. And guess what! It fucking worked! He latched on to the right first and then I had him latch on to the left. Success! We were successfully feeding without any barriers! I almost cried! So now, it’s a matter of consistency. The damn shield is so annoying; always having to clean it and put it on and make sure he doesn’t knock it off. At night it is the worst! We always lose it in the sheets at night and I’m left scrambling around feeling for it while trying not to upset the nugget or wake the dad. Hah. Always ends up in one of yelling at each other about “why is he screaming” or “what are you doing?!” It’s not like we mean it, we just aren’t the nicest of people in the middle of the night when rudely awoken. But who is? 

So, this is the beginning! I hope that we can continue this and I can say goodbye to the nipple shield for good! (Still have one in good condition, just in case) wish me luck tonight! Gotta stay STRONG!