1. Umbilical cord (kinda gross, honestly I freaked out a little hah)

2. Chunky spit up 

3. Tissues- from trying to stop the leaking and running out of breast pads 

4. Disposable breast pads- ok i put those there but they needed to soak up the milk when it came spraying out

5. Cereal/food- because I quickly shovel dry cereal into my mouth before picking up my nugget and count that as breakfast, lunch or dinner… Just food in general

6. Puddles of milk pooling up in bra

7. Hands… Not detached hands! Just the little nuggets hands always in my shirt exploring and grabbing while feeding

8.  Confidence- believe it or not, breastfeeding and just having a child in general has given me a major confidence boost, because I can nourish my child with my own breast milk, and that is pretty damn cool

9. Eyes- everyone’s eyes go straight for the boobs, especially since they are so big, also when they are leaking, eyes travel down then quickly away when they notice a growing wetness occurring 

10. Scratches and bruises in that area… The little nugget sometimes thrashes around and hits and scratches. I know he doesn’t mean it, and luckily he isn’t strong enough for it to hurt that bad… Yet