We woke up this morning and did our usual routine: helped the nugget get his gas bubbles out, feed him, burp him and then special time where we put him in between us in bed and ask him about his dreams and smother him with kisses and tickles. He seems to be the happiest in the morning, and he gives the best smiles. It always makes my day so much better after placing him between us and watching him interact with us. 

Then I made myself breakfast and hopped in the shower. We had decided in bed that today would be a date day! This is our first outing out without our baby boy and we were so looking forward to it. After getting ready (three hours later! You know how it goes with a baby though!) we pack up and hop in the car and head to my parents house. Sit and chat for a little bit and then head off to lunch where we enjoyed a beer. I had a small kids pepperoni pizza with a Caesar salad and my fiancé had mac n cheese with bacon. 

After chatting and joking around and feeling like the couple we were before baby, we realized how fast time flew by and walked over to the movie theaters. We had already chosen the movie we were going to, Insurgent. If you haven’t seen it, I recommend seeing it! The first movie I wasn’t a huge fan of but this second one… Hey! It’s good! Lots of fighting and action, some kissing (which sillily made me embarrassed and I had to look away), and romance. I will always like the books better, but this movie did the book justice.

After the movie we run to the car and race up the driveway to see our nugget. This short time away from our nugget was much needed; not only for us to spend time together, but for us to reignite that fire between us. It had practically gone out, hardly any kind of romance was happening, and it was my fault. I pushed him away, and when he voiced his concerns I pushed them aside foolishly. I could have lost him, but he stood by my side knowing that I would come around and be the women he once knew with an extra perk, being the mother of his son. 

Needless to say, one date is not going to fix everything, but we are on the path of recovery. Having a baby definitely tests a relationship, and there will be plenty more tests as parenthood unravels. I’m looking forward to the future with this man and looking forward to how we will tackle the obstacles thrown at us.