The nugget and I left early Sunday morning for Los Angeles; where we barely hit any traffic and beat the gps time by twelve minutes. Woo hoo! Two hours and seventeen minutes in the car, not a peep from the back seat, I began questioning if I left my son at home and pulled a “Home Alone.” I started going over the last ten minutes I was at home just to make sure I actually put him in the car! Jeez, is this what insanity feels like?! But of course I put him into the car, he is just fell asleep and is under his cover to shield the sun from his eyes. Please grunt, please grunt, please grunt.. He is still silent. I make it to my cousins house and swing open the back door, there he is, still fast asleep! I laugh to myself thinking how absurd it would be to leave your son at home… But to make a note to always be more aware of this next time. Concrete evidence! 

My cousin just had a son as well, a little older than mine, he is four and a half months old actually and such a happy baby! He and the nugget got along great! Not much interaction but I mean it seemed like they could be great friends. 

So the plans for the day was to go to my cousins work, a fancy shmancy golf course to have a fancy shmancy buffet brunch. Yum! I was starving, breastfeeding really takes a lot out of ya, hell parenting takes a lot out of ya! We drove to brunch where I was met with a huge assortment of food. Oh. My. God. So delicious! I probably got around four plates of food! But mind you, I also had to excuse myself to feed the nugget so I mean once I did that it was like basically starting over, like I didn’t have anything to eat before, right? (Why am I making excuses? I enjoyed that Easter buffet and I made the $50 spent well worth it!) Well, that’s how it felt! And then there were the desserts! Oh how I love desserts! Chocolate is my weakness… And boy did I load up on chocolate! We were sitting talking, oh mind you we met up with my other cousins, ones who hadn’t met the nugget yet, and caught up on life. We were there for almost four hours! I knooooow, we are that group that overstays their welcome, but at least we continued to eat the whole time… Right? Plus, my cousin oversees everything that goes on in the restaurant, so it was okay. I still feel bad, I work in the restaurant industry and I would have hated our table. Only reason being we were there for so bloody long with so many kids too! Rolling four deep! After brunch we took family photos and headed back to the “main house” where we put the kiddos down for a nap and enjoyed some quiet time. 

Over all a pretty great Easter Sunday. Couldn’t ask for anything better!