I had a really day yesterday… Emotionally exhausting and not productive. So when I hit up my good friend to see if she wanted to meet up for dinner and drink, I was thrilled she was free and excited to go out with me. this was my first time away from my son for more than like 45 minutes!! I left him with my mom and dad and went out to meet my girlfriend, ordered a beer and was so excited to be out. We had so much to catch up on and as I was munching down and sipping on my beer I realized “ooh, I gotta pee!” So I stand up and start walking to the bathroom and I realize, oh my gosh, I’m tipsy! I haven’t even finished my beer and I am actually tipsy! I was stumbling or anything but my head was a little fuzzy and I knew I needed to hang out for a while before driving anywhere. I didn’t finish my beer, instead just stuck with water. By the end of the night I had only been gone for two and half hours! It felt like five hours! When I got back to the parents I ended up falling asleep and my mom fixed my son a bottle (of the milk I had stored in the freezer for such an occasion)… I forgot my breast pump (really bad idea) and when I woke up a few hours later, my shirt was soaked as well as the couch I was laying on. My boobs were huge and rock hard, they hurt so bad and I needed to get some milk out to relieve the pain. So I took some cups and started expressing it, man that hurt like a biiiiiitch!! I know I didn’t drink a lot and the fact that I didn’t pump and dump I probably fed my son some beer (which I was trying to avoid) but it was like over 5 hours after I drank. So hopefully he didn’t get too much alcohol. That was a painful night…. I finally got home and pumped and felt so much better. I was so full that no matter how many feedings there were they were still full! Yikes! 

So for future, always travel with the breastpump just in case. 

Now I have to pack for our trip up to LA to hang out with the cousins for Easter, yay! 🐰🐰🐰☀️🌈🌈☀️🌈🐰🐰🐰🐰