1. Help out around the house (don’t leave your dishes and coffee cups everywhere, put your shoes away, maybe help me out and put my shoes away when I was too busy running around to put them in the correct spot) sometimes it seems like I am a hypocrite because I ask you to do something that I clearly did not do, but that is only because I am a little busier than you, and I admit to these faults, so be a model citizen and help me out a little. 

 2. Dirty diaper duty! Wake up during the night and ask if you can change the diaper so that momma can get back to sleep quicker so she can be more awake for the next feeding that will happen in an hour or so. 

 3. Make breakfast, lunch and dinner (if you are present) and help clean up, don’t just leave the dishes for me to do, I have a little human being I need to feed every two hours, that takes a lot out of me.

 4. When you see that the trash is getting full, take it outside, why do I have to do it every single time? (sorry, very personal rant) 

 5. Toilet paper! Please, just replace it when you finish the roll, or when it is nearly finished put out a new one. (This seems just logical but my guy has a problem with doing this).

 6. Do NOT complain about not getting any sleep, or being “just so incredibly tired” because you are not as tired as I am. And I may not look like it, but that is because my body is hardwired to wake up in an instant for that crying/fussing baby to feed and nurture. I understand your body isn’t like that, but do not complain. And do not tell me “you should get more sleep” because you think I don’t know that? I am sleeping as much as I can, but I need to feed our baby, because it is hungry and it needs to grow and be nourished! 

 7. Please understand that a new momma is not interested in being all romantic and lovey dovey, but a hug goes a long way, so give hugs when you see her stressed out or tired. Actually shower her with hugs and tell her she is amazing and beautiful and the love of your life. And we are not interested in sex in the slightest, and the fact that six weeks goes by so quickly and then you are okay’d by the doctor to have sex is scary! For one, a human being came out of there; two, I don’t want to get pregnant right away again! What if that happens?? three, I am not interested in the least. four, you are really annoying me, go away. Don’t touch me. (I know, totally hypocritical of the hugs thing, what can I say?)

 8. Let the momma decide when she is ready to leave her child alone with a sitter and go out on a date night, do not force it. It will end in hysterics and tears and lots of yelling.

9. Don’t tell the momma not to cry when she is trying to tell you something. There are so many emotions at play, she isn’t trying to wi the argument by crying, she literally can’t help the tears coming out!! 

10. If she isn’t feeling well, and she voices it, you should know it’s probably pretty bad! She won’t complain over something minor, she won’t complain until she is in tears… So don’t tell her to “feel better” and then just go do your own thing, ask her if there is anything you can do. And if she has to go into the doctor, you better damn well go with her!