I will never be able to describe my love for you. Nothing could ever match it. It grows day by day. But at night, when all I want is a good night sleep, I can feel it sometimes go down by a millionth of a billionth of a percent. I love your grunting, but really only during the day. At night, I prefer the quiet sweet coos you only make during the day.  Don’t you remember the night before when you slept all through the night? That was amazing and wonderful! Didn’t it make you feel good too? What changed? Was it because I told people that my awesome and amazing grunt-a-saurus slept all through the night and mommy was just oh so proud of him? Is this payback? The night after her first day of working all day at a new job? I know that there will always be tough times, I was just hoping for a good night sleep two nights in a row. I love our morning grunt offs, when we are both waking up and stretching and grunting back and forth. It puts a smile on my face but also makes me realize where you got your grunting from… Your excess amount of grunts, from little ol me. 

You know how I said my love for you sometimes goes down by a millionth of a billionth during these sleepless nights? Well in reality it only grows a million billion times, never really lessens. It grows so much so quickly, a human heart that is not used to this amount of love is sort of lost and in shock at the amount of love it can really hold. You teach me something new everyday, how to cherish, how to not take things for granted, how to be thankful and so much more. 

You are done eating now.. And I find myself just staring at you. Smiling back at you as you quietly sleep. Key word quiet… But not for long. You love to talk and I love that about you.

 Please don’t be afraid to be yourself, son. Don’t be afraid to love. And don’t ever for a second think I don’t love you.