Have you had to suffer through it? It hurts like a bitch! Your boob(s) is/are all hard and inflamed and it hurts to breastfeed but you have to keep doing it to try to clear the blockage. You suffer through fever… You get so hot and sweaty and then all of a sudden you’re freezing cold and there’s nothing to do but suffer through. It hurts to even walk, anything that touches your breast makes you scream. Your baby freaks out because he can feel that you are hurting so he is fussy and won’t sleep. You’re crying from so much pain, when you get up too quickly you nearly pass out (a number of times). You try to sleep but it hurts too much, you call the doctor to make an appointment and rush to get out the door, you’re so tired while driving you nearly fall asleep at the wheel. You make it to the doctor, get medicine prescribed, start driving home and start crying because the seatbelt is rubbing the sore spot and shifting gears kills you even more. (The one time I wish I had an automatic car)  instead of going home, You head to my parents to be taken care of, because every time you cry, your nugget cries, and then you cry more and you tell him how much you love him and how important he is to you. At this point, you’re so exhausted and hurting you can’t dream of driving home anymore, so you sleep over at the parents and take the medicine to feel better. Four times a day, on an empty stomach… You realize what great parents you have, always opening up their hearts and house for  you, helping you and putting you before anything else. You understand this selfless giving and unconditional love. And you want to give your little one everything and more, and you have some great role models.  


Me and my nugget hanging out after a very restful nights sleep (not being sarcastic either!) and I’m feeling much better!

How to deal with sickness/ illness/infection: 

  1. Ask for help 
  2. Keep hydrated
  3. Get rest 
  4. Call the doctor
  5. Keep a positive attitude 
  6. Make sure to eat
  7. Stay hydrated!! 
  8. Rest rest rest! 
  9. Take the medicine prescribed 

I know I put stay hydrated and rest on there twice, and that’s because those are extremely important.