Does anyone else’s child turn into a monster at night during feelings? Because mine does. He grunts a lot, during the day too but at night, I swear he gets even louder and makes arm movements like he is warding off predators! Maybe it’s night terrors, I heard babies get those as their mind grows at such alarming rates at so young they have so many things to question they get scared. 

But during the night, while eating, he grunts and is seriously like making sure no one, not even daddy, gets near his milk supply. Sometimes it’s really funny, but other times it’s like “hush little monster! People of the world are trying to sleep and don’t want to little dinosaurs and monsters roaring!” 

Tonight, he is being extra monstrous… And I really really just want to sleep. I’m sure he can sense that and therefore will be waking up every hour grunting, screaming and crying for food. Tonight is different, it’s the first night away from daddy. Daddy stayed out at a friends house so he could get in an extra early morning surf session. I stayed at the parents house… This calls for extra loud monster noises. Dear god, I know I don’t pray often, but please let me get some sleep, please allow me to not be peed on again tonight and please let me keep this child quiet and sleeping. It would mean so much to me as I have a very busy day tomorrow and am trying to get a new car. Please, please help me get through tonight. Amen.