today is my parents anniversary! I look up to them both so much and wish I could be with one person for the rest of my life like them… I fear that my relationship won’t last the test of time. Thinking like that, is that a precursor to what will happen? 😕 I want things to work out, when we are good we are really good and happy together. As far as my parents go, I know they’ve been through rough patches, but they work it out and are still together 26 years later. I hope my relationship can be as good if not better than theirs.

 I’ve noticed that since having our son, our intimacy level as dropped severely. Partly because of me. He is so messy and leaves his crap everywhere. Irritates me on a whole new level. And I’m just not interested in sex or romance right now. Well I do want to be cuddled and told I’m beautiful but I don’t want to do anything more. And I know it’s because hormones have me on a one track mind to raise my child… I’m fine with that, but I feel is pulling away from each other and acting as roommates more than significant others. It makes me sad and depressed and like I’ve lost my best friend and soulmate.

How did you ladies/gentlemen get over the slump and be more romantic like you once were before having your little one? Any tips you can share? 

I find myself feeling inadequate and like I’m just a mother figure and he doesn’t find me attractive anymore. Not to mention my body. I feel like a big blubbery whale. My stomach is loose and fat and gross. I need to eat better and work out. But I need to be cleared by the doc first to work out hardcore …

Reaching out for love and advice.