It’s always an ordeal when trying to get out of the house. Before it was three (baby, me and dad), it was so easy to get out, maximum of 10 minutes, but with our new little man it can take up to two hours. With the planning it takes, packing everything up, making sure we have enough diapers and wipes and water and snacks and sunscreen, then making sure he is fed and has a clean diaper before leaving… All that time really adds up. Not to mention getting him strapped in the car seat, down into the car, car turned on and warmed up and then another check to make sure we have everything. And even with all that planning and packing something is bound to slip by; Today, I forgot my sunglasses but we had already gone too far and I wasn’t about to run upstairs to our apartment to find them. 
Before even getting to the beach we needed to stop at Walmart because I wanted to find some baby sunscreen (even though I have some, I wanted to see if there was anything else. And when I looked online it seemed as if Walmart had a good selection) but there were no good ones I really wanted to invest in. None for infants anyway. And I did get the go ahead from his doctor to put sunscreen on him (don’t fret mommas!) Where we live its not winter, far from it, currently it’s 90 degrees at our place, but by the beach it’s like 85 (huuuge difference πŸ˜‰) 
Anyways my main point of writing this was to document a milestone! I breastfed in public today! I did have a cover thingy, but I mean… I did it public! Maybe when there’s more shade I can provide I will do it without the cover, but at this point we needed shade.. 
Now we are back home with the little man posted up with a cool washcloth over his head. ο»Ώ


Hey mommas!

What are your favorite brands of baby safe sunscreen?