My pregnancy went fairly easy… I didn’t experience morning sickness, I didn’t have terrible mood swings, or outrageous back aches and headaches but I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes. The first month of pregnancy (which I didn’t know I was pregnant) was spent sleeping the whole month away. He couldn’t understand why I was sleeping so much and always horrifically tired and hated staying home all the time and not going out to the beach or to karaoke. After that first month and my period being late, I decided to take an at home pregnancy test to see if that could be the answer. Low and behold, the test came out positive! I was quite shocked, we were not planning on getting pregnant but had talked about the possibility and both agreed we would be okay with it and welcome the bundle of joy with open arms. But with all that talk we knew we weren’t financially ready and so weren’t really trying to conceive. Once that positive sign came up I instantly started sweating and knew I needed to get another test just to make sure it wasn’t faulty. I drove over to the store near my boyfriends place and ran in to get a test then went to the bathroom, that one turned out positive as well, and that’s when I knew it was real. 

I ran as fast as I could (probably looking like a madwoman) to my car and drove to my boyfriends place. [now mind you, I was a smoker at this time, and my boyfriend still is one] I walked up to him as he was smoking in the garage; looking quite nervous and on the verge of tears. He looked up and said hello and then saw my expression, asking what was up.. I had no idea what to say but to blurt out “I’m pregnant!” He jumped up out of his chair and had the biggest smile on his face, biggest I had ever seen on him before. He gave me a huge hug and kiss.

That was how I told my boyfriend… Looking back I wish I could have done something more fun, but it doesn’t really matter, it was just as special because his reaction was priceless.

That moment I quit smoking cigarettes, I had smoked for ten years! I started at 15 years old, and was just a month shy of 25, making it practically 10 years of smoking cigarettes. I always knew I wanted to quit and didn’t want to be over 25 and stil smoke, so becoming pregnant was a blessing and it was actually incredibly easy to quit smoking. I knew I had to take care of the little nugget inside me that couldn’t fend for itself.